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kniha Inner Missive 3 - black,death,more, book-sized zine - CND012 Kniha je v anglickém jazyce. Popis: INNER MISSIVE #3 The third installation of this cult series sees the title expand to a perfect-bound book format. It is perhaps best described as a Bardo Methodology-style fanzine that grew into a full length-book, written from the perspective of an Australian writer, with content predominantly split between black metal bands, death metal bands and visual artists.216 A4 pages, featuring indepth interviews with: WINTERFYLLETH, ENTHRONED, KRIEG, ASCENSION FESTIVAL, SLIDHR, VOID REVELATIONS, DAWN OF AZAZEL, PERDITION TEMPLE, CULT NEVER DIES, BLAZE OF PERDITION, THE FUROR / IMPIETY, ZAZEN SOUNDS / ACHERONTAS , THE SENSELESS, FUCK I’M DEAD, SUFFERING HOUR, TEMPLE KOLUDRA, DISENTOMB, DEHN SORA, AMDBL, KARMAZID, WEREWOLVES, GRAVEIR, SUNS OF SORATH, KAFIRUN, UMBRA CONSCIENTIA, MALAKHIM, BY NORSE MUSIC, MUNT, DEVOURING STAR, CHALICE OF BLOOD, MANNVEIRA, HAXANDRAOK, THE SENSELESS / THE BERSERKER and more. Domácnost & Dekorace » knihy » kniha Inner Missive 3 - black,death,more, book-sized zine - CND012

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